October 13, 2008

Have you Missed me???

Well - I've got no eye candy for the moment...unless of course, you like this...

Besides trying to fight off this darn upper respiratory thing...I went to see Jason Mraz in concert on Friday Night at Radio City Music Hall. WOW. What an AMAZING show.

I absolutely love this man...not in a 'throw my panties, be the daddy of my children' way...in the 'you are a beautiful man, who has the most incredible outlook on life and love'...and sends a beautiful message of kindness and thanksgiving to his fans.

Sooooo - I went to the concert, and my oh my - if anyone like his recorded music, you MUST see him in concert. Most incredible...my soul was happy after this concert...I've never felt that way before from a concert. From "Live High" that transitioned into "Oh Happy Day" to a cover of "Build me up Buttercup"(one of my most favorite songs EVAH!) The night couldn't have been more perfect...I was with my hubby and a friend - a GREAT night.

Thanks for letting me gush about Mr. Mraz...he sure is a honey...and I'm a richer person for having his music in my life :)

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