October 15, 2015


Who wants to read a post about THAT?!?

I generally try to be an upbeat person - find that silver lining, what you put out to the world, you get back... you know?  I've been fighting this silly upper respiratory thing for a few weeks now, and I'm just getting WORN OUT -  some of that 'find that silver lining' stuff is getting lost...

So I needed a recharge.

Last night, my husband took my older daughter to basketball practice... this is new for us.  Are there any other basketball moms out there?  Tell me if there is certain basketball etiquette I need to know ;).

But anyway, they were out of the house, it was just me, my 8 year old and the puppy.  Decided to make myself a nice hot cup of tea with honey, in my favorite "Rise and Smile" mug from Just Dandy Studio, and get some snuggles in...

Lucky for me, Zana was an eager participant!  This sweet little pup has stolen my heart (AND my slippers...  like CRAZY for them...my husband wants to know what I put on my feet to make her want them so bad! HA!)  Guess I know something I need come Winter :).

Melissa has got some great new things coming to the store today -- these sweet blocks -- I LOVE them!!!  I've got a few ideas, let's see if I can employ them, once I get my hands on some :)

Lastly, the new Dandy Mail Kit is available in the store today -- November is allllll about being thankful.  Order yours today to share some love with someone YOU are thankful for!  Lots of great goodies included in this kit!!!

I am thankful for my doctor, who prescribed me some antibiotics, and will be REALLY thankful when I am back to my old self!  Maybe I'll have to send her this month's card :).  What/who are YOU thankful for??

Make it a great day!!
Tracey ♥

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