January 26, 2009

A Little Digiscrappin'...

Well - sort of anyway.

This is more of a collage... I made this for my SIL and BIL for Christmas, but just got to give it to them on Saturday - so just in case she pops in to read, I didn't want her to see it.

Of COURSE I didn't take a picture of the actual COMPLETED project, it's 8x8 mounted on silver, then black 12x12. I framed it in a 12x12 scrapbook frame with some red primas...I'll have to invite myself over to take a picture of it on her wall ;).

Anyway - back to the photos. My SIL ALWAYS brings her camera - and she lets the nieces (the older ones that is) use it. I would be a basket case!! She's got a Canon rebel digital SLR. ooohhh it's nice. She's always taking pics of the kids and I thought I'd try to put something together to capture her favorite subject matter.

Most of these photos are actually hers. We lost all of our pics from 2008 except for some Smileboxes, Facebook and MySpace photo albums when our hard drive crashed back in November...I'm still REALLY sad about that. So I raided HER MySpace and Facebook, as well as my other SIL's and came up with this.

I don't actually consider this digiscrapping - only because, there are no embellies, that kind of thing...it's more of a digital collage, I guess, but I was super happy with the way it turned out.

Any of you who are familiar with the famous flautist, Sir James Galway will see him in 2 of the photos. My SIL got to meet him on St. Patrick's Day in New York City when he came and met with The Young Colonials, the Junior Fife and Drum Corps I used to belong to. Pretty neat.

Anyway - thanks for stopping by - hope you have a super day!!!


Molly B said...

That is awesome! I love how the black and white photos have such a pop on the red background. What a great gift. Hope everyone is well. -Molly B

Holly said...

This is so cool looking Tracey! I'll bet she loved it!
I've got a challenge for you on my blog today, and funnily enough it concerns photos!

okiechic said...

Very cool! I bet they loved it. A very thoughtful gift.