July 13, 2009

Mariners weekend, remembering a friend, and finally a card...

I can hardly believe it's Monday already! The weekend was a blur. Thank to all of you who stopped by on Saturday for Lauren's challenge -- I need to get around and check out what everyone else has made!
Friday night I had a parade, and Saturday we had a Muster in Old Saybrook, CT. What an AWESOME day. The Ancient Mariners, out of Guilford, CT were the hosts of this event, and it was fabulous from top to bottom. The corps is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, as their founder Roy Watrous started the corps on July 4, 1959. This brotherhood stretched over the Atlantic Ocean, and a Swiss Contingent was formed as well. They had a HUGE group of Mariners at the muster, from the US and Switzerland...what a rush to see such a big group come marching down the street... (all that testosterone too...stand back!)
A very cool thing about the Ancient Mariners...their colorguard carries these oars with them...see those little brass plates? Each one of them has a name of a member of the corps who has passed away. In 50 years, they've lost a lot of good people, including their founder, Roy Watrous, and a real great guy I knew -- Sean Egan.

Sean sure knew how to have a good time -- funny as all get out too. Take a look at this post - which Greg describes Sean best. And most of all -- he was so awesome with all of the kids, even though he had none of his own. He always treated my nieces like his own, and what a smile he got when he'd be out on that muster field. For the muster, in addition to the oars that they carry, they had these others made up to stake around the muster field so their fallen brothers would be with them in more than spirit for the weekend.

I get run down with parades and rehearsals, but for some reason, a good muster always renews my pride in what we do, and makes me feel great to be a part of such an amazing community of people, who love what they do. I've included some photos from the weekend below...

'The Wild Bunch' from Basel Switzerland

"The Old Guard" --- 3rd US Infantry Regiment BCT -(The President's Fife and Drum Corps) these guys and gals are INCREDIBLE...

'The International Mariners' from Basel, Switzerland, and Guilford, CT, USA

'The Young Colonials' and alumni from Carmel, NY

'The Civil War Troopers' from Cornwall, NY

The Junior Colonials from Westbrook, CT (those are 2 of my nieces and my nephew -- aren't they CAH-UTE???)

Ok - I said a card, but I think I've given enough to look at today -- I'll be back with my card post tomorrow -- for real ;)

Thanks for letting me share the other passion in my life and thanks for stopping by!!


Barb said...

WOW - look like a great weekend!!! I think it is so cool that you love this so much and really enjoy it!!! I'm sure the girls will grow up loving it also!!!

rebecca said...

great pics! Thanks for sharing them and your weekend with us!