May 13, 2010

Please Support My Relay...

Hello all --

Sorry I've been so quiet.  It's been a busy time around here - but know that I'm working on NEW stuff from My Time Made Easy for June!  YIPPEEEE!

But my post today does not contain any cards.  Just a quick plea to support me in my upcoming Relay for Life.  I realize that so many people are involved in their own communities, but I thought I would reach out, just in case you are interested.

My first relay was 3 years ago, a month and a half after my uncle died from Cancer, just about a month after my friend Pam's husband died of Cancer, and at the time, Lauren Meader's daughter Alexa was fighting against leukemia.  What a moving experience.  We had a big storm blow through during the day (big enough to overturn tents, and down trees) - but no one left...the luminary ceremony went on just as planned...If you have never been to a relay, I highly recommend going, it is a truly moving experience.

This year, I've unfortunately had to add more names to my fundraising page, with the most recent addition being Eddie, whom I just posted about on my blog a few weeks ago...

So, if you would -- click on that little button in the upper left of my blog, and donate to a worthy cause, no amount is too small...pennies make nickels, nickels make all adds up.

Thanks so much -- it means the world to me, and everyone you will help.




Pam W. said...

I love you dearly and love the big heart that you have.

Sarah Bennett said...

Hoping you far exceed your goal, Tracey! I can not imagine that there is anyone out there who has not been affected by this horrible disease. In the last 5 years I have lost two of my dearest friends to Cancer. Thank you for giving of yourself and your time to this worthy cause!