May 5, 2010

She Did It!!!

Hi Everyone!!

This has been a CRAZY week!!  My younger daughter got hurt on Sunday - and it had required a trip to the ER, and then a follow up with an Orthopedist -- but all is A - OK!  Thanks goodness!!  She had what is called "Nursemaid's Elbow" one of the bones in her forearm became dislocated from her elbow - YEOUCH! I felt so bad for her - she looked miserable.  But once the good doctor fixed it - it was practically instant relief!  WHEW!

Anyway - this post is actually about my older daughter.  My daughter is my crafting buddy - she loves to come and 'play' with Mommy.  She has her favorite items she likes to use, glitter pens, glue, scissors, I decided that I would make her her own little caddy to keep her crafting goodies together at my table.  There will be NO mistake that this is for her, fun, bright, and cheery, just like.  I had made this earlier in the week -- and after today - I have the PERFECT occasion to give it to her...

I'm a pretty shy gal, always have been.  My DD doesn't fall far from the tree, lol.  With that comes terrible performance anxiety.  Any time there is some sort of performance at school, etc.  She obsesses over it, gets moody, doesn't feel well, sleep well...I've tried EVERYTHING to get her over no avail.  And the day of the event, she pretty much freezes, and doesn't do fast forward to present time.  We have a community art center, and they were offering a kinderballet class, taught by a real ballerina, who used to perform in the New York Ballet.  NO RECITAL.  WHoo - hoo!  we have a winner!!!  Well, wouldn't you know...they do have a teensy little performance at the conclusion of each session.  It's more focused on some of the more advanced girls, but the little ones have a chance to perform as well...and SHE DID IT!!!  I could see she was a bit shy, but she did it.  I'm SO PROUD of her for getting past that fear, and getting out there.  She did a GREAT job!!!
Ok - sorry -- thanks for letting me gush, but this really is a HUGE deal for us :).  Anyway -- onto my project.

I made a tool tote for Shannon to keep in 'her area' on my work table, keep her things organized and together...

This is PERFECT for her...her favorite color pink, it's bright and fun, just like her.  You'll see on the card, I used sentiments from the new Lunch Box Love Notes was perfect for the occasion, don't you think??
I just ADORE the new retro lunch papers that are available -- the colors are so fun, and the patterns are fresh!  Love them!!  Lots of great paper this month -- be sure to check them ALL out!

On the card, the Razzleberry strip was stamped with a few images from the Paper Pattern Pieces set.

Here's a close up of the tote:
I had a TON of fun with this one -- it didn't need a whole lot, but I decided to add a little touch of ribbon to the jars inside the tote.  I had gotten some quilted jelly ball jars on clearance for 75% off back in the late fall, and this was the PERFECT place to use some of them!  I took the lid part out, but left the rim, and then wrapped some ribbon around the rim -- it was the perfect width!

Here's a closeup of the label - which uses one of the new cut file accents, All Tied Up Rectangles
I made my own sentiment doing some omitting from a few sentiments in the Sensational Sentiments set.  I actually even switched the 'S's at the beginning of each word, it just worked better for me.  I think it looks like it was made that way...and I like how the pearls fit in those little scallops on the top and bottom of the label.

I'll be sharing this with Shannon later today, I know she already had her eye on the tote, and has NO idea it is for her, lol.

Be sure to drop by Lauren's blog today too, she's got even MORE for you to see today.  Can we say AMAZING?!?!  Her brain must NEVER stop! lol.

Thanks so much for dropping by -- I appreciate it!!


Dawn Easton said...

Tracey, you should be very proud...she's a doll!!

Your tote is amazing! What a SWEET gift for her!!

Stephanie Kraft said...

What a fabulous tote for your DD! Love it, Tracey!!

Hope all is well with your youngest DD, too.. ouch!

Sara said...

ALRIGHT Shannon! Good job getting over those fears!!! I too have suffered from stage fright my entire's no picnic and good to start trying while you're still young!

Tracey, I just LOVE the tote and it makes me so happy that Shannon will get to look at that fun paper over and over again!

Diane Jaquay said...

Awesome project with great, bright colors! My daughter would love to have something like this, thanks for the inspiration!

MacKenzie said...


Anonymous said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical. ........................................

Katie Cotton said...

i just love this!

Judy McMullen said...

Wonderful gift for a brave and lovely girl! Love the story and love the tote!!