November 5, 2010

Any Way You Slice It - Group Post!!

When we last left off -- we were dealing with bugs...well, I think it was a false alarm...I never did find anything, and when she went back to school, the nurse checked her and didn't find anything either... *sigh*  That's ok we've moved on to other bugs...same daughter, different issue.  So, she was out of school on Tuesday because of 'lice'.  Then she went to school Wednesday, and when I got there to pick her up, she was running a temp of 101!  My poor girl :(.  So, we were home again today, doing lots of snuggling (which *I* certainly don't mind ;) ).  She seems to be feeling better this evening though, so I think it will be back to work/school tomorrow...

I hope you've been enjoying the release at My Time Made Easy this month!!  Today is a group post, and I'm featuring a great little template called 'Any Way You Slice It'... Yep, it could be cake, or pie, or a reindeer, or a flag, or...well, could be a lot of things, ha ha ha.  I chose to make a cute little Secret Santa gift box, that looks like a Santa hat (which I'm a bit embarrassed, because as I went to link the stamp set, I realized I made a similar template to Lauren *blush*) but here's my version...
The template features images from Secret Santa and Fanciful Flourishes.  It's VERY sparkly :)  I used heat and stick powder and lots of red and silver glitter.  Here's a closer view of the side:
The bottom of the box is lined with white maribou fur.  Totally fun.  I sometimes like to give fun ornaments like the one in the background as secret santa gifts, and an ornament, or a gift card with some chocolate will fit nicely inside this box for sure!!
My tag features images from Secret Santa, and has a bit of sparkle added here too.  The hat was stamped on a separate piece of CS, colored in and cut - and mounted on the tag with a dimensional.  

What kinds of things do YOU give for secret Santa gifts...inquiring minds want to know!! lol.

Be sure to drop by the rest of the team's blogs, as we've each got something to share with you today!!!

My Time Made Easy Design Team:
Tracey Cuccia - that's me :)

November 2, 2010

My Time Made Easy - Star of the Show!!

I'm a little late posting... we have some new unwanted guests...yeah, I think there's still mice downstairs...but even worse...we've got lice.  There.  I said it.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say "we"...but apparently it's running rampant in the Elementary school, and there was a case at my young daughter's preschool...and well, it seems the little one had an egg or two in her hair today...ugh.  SO, I've spent the evening doing a lice treatment in her hair (even though we didn't find any lice, the school found 2 eggs...that's enough for me!  I've also checked my older one, and my husband, he checked me...I went to the laundrymat and washed ALL of our bedding (can you tell I'm just a BIT freaked out?? lol) okay.  Sorry.  (You're all scratching your heads now though, aren't you????)

Moving on!!  Today's post is all about Star of the Show - a KILLER new template from My Time Made Easy.  I LOVE this template.  This is a simple assembly, and such a versatile shape -- think 4th of July, or Christmas, Birthdays, Sports...YEP, lots of possibilities here!!!

Here's what I've got for you today...

This uses some oldies but goodies in the MTME arsenal.  Lunch Box Love Notes, and the Alphabet Soup Collection 2 pretty printables paper.  I had my older daughter in mind with this.  She's in first grade, and has had a HARD time this year.  She's really smart, and funny, sweet, and kind...most of all, she is SENSITIVE, and this year, she's had a REALLY hard time adjusting to her new teacher.  Like, anxious tummy hard.  I've gone through a HUGE range of emotions, from angry, to sad, to almost insane, lol.  I've been fighting with the school to have them meet her needs -- as she wasn't being challenged enough academically.  Although I REALLY wanted them to move her to another classroom, they asked me to give them a few weeks to try some new things in the classroom, and I agreed.  Whatever they did -- it seems to have worked.  Mind you, I'll be keeping a CAREFUL eye on what's going on, and if I start to recognize the same signs I had before, but, no more anxious tummy at the mere mention of school, no more "I hate school" (which I think is an unacceptable term, ESPECIALLY from a 6 year old!  I'm SO proud of her for still getting up and going to school, not giving us a hard time about going, when she was so miserable for so long...I too, am happy that my fight has changed things for the WHOLE class, not  just my daughter.  So, I'll keep this little box aside, for some day when she needs a little pick me up, she really is an amazing little girl, I'm so lucky to be her Mommy. :)

Be sure to stop in with LaurenLisa, and Catherine!!  Thanks for dropping by --- (Have you stopped scratching yet??) Make it a great day!!

November 1, 2010

Group Post!! My Time Made Easy November Release!

Well, we had a great time celebrating my Dad's birthday the other day - and he very much enjoyed his gift.  Yesterday was PACKED, I had to work (unusual for me, I typically work Mon-Fri) and then came home to take the kiddos Trick or Treating, and did we WALK.  It was great, though a bit chilly, and we all had a wonderful time.

BUT -- I know you aren't all here to listen to me ramble on about my's release day at My Time Made Easy, and there's lots of Christmas Spirit already in the air, and all around.  I swear the stored start earlier and earlier every year, don't you??  Well, now that Halloween is over, you know that Thanksgiving will be here, lickety split, and then on to "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" :).

The team is sharing some fabulous card ideas today, ones that are easy to replicate...and here are mine:

Each of these took me very little time to complete, most are one layer, or almost just one layer ;).  I don't know about you, but I'm sure that most of the people I send cards to don't keep them.  *sniff*  While it makes me sad, it's just a matter of I try to make cards that look nice, but don't take forever to complete.
This first one uses the snowflakes and a sentiment from Dashing Through the Snow...add a little bling, a pop of red (kind of reminiscent of a snowman's scarf, I think) and some snow drifts along the bottom...some glitter...and there's one card!!
Now this next one is probably my favorite...When I saw the reindeer and sleigh images from Dashing Through the Snow, I thought of a silhouette image..."♪Up on the Rooftop, reindeer pause♪" ha ha ha.  the moon is shining bright...and so is Rudolph's nose... I used the roof pattern from Sugar and Spice, and glittered it up with some heat & stick, and dazzling diamonds glitter.
Next up -- "♪Jingle Bells♪"
Catherine did a great job with these images in Secret Santa, this bell and bow is too sweet!  I embossed both and the sentiment in gold detail powder, doing the bell first, and then the bow, and colored in the bow with my Signo white gel pen.  I added a gold border with a paint pen (that started to give out on me on the last line :( )

Lastly - my little gingerbread cute are they?!?!?!  These cuties are from The Gingersnaps!  This is a small set, PACKED with images!!  You will need a craft knife to separate some of them there are so many! I made my family, me, hubster, and the 2 girls...cute, eh?  SO quick too -- the longest part was adding the black bead eyes, and the bling bows and buttons.

So, if you've never made your holiday cards, I hope these inspire you to make your own this year, and if you're a seasoned holiday card maker -- I hope this helps get those juices flowing... 'Tis the season!! :)

Thanks for dropping by, be sure to stop by the rest of the team's blogs, we've ALL got something to share today!!!

My Time Made Easy Design Team:
Tracey Cuccia - that's me :)