November 23, 2011

Black Thursday????

I don't have any cards to share today, but I just really needed to share some thoughts on tomorrow's upcoming know, Black Thursday.  What?  It's Thanksgiving you say???  Really???

It seems every year, stores are opening earlier and earlier for "Black Friday Sales" - well yeah, most of them are now open on THANKSGIVING to avoid someone getting trampled at the door, or riots. 

REALLY????  Is this what has become of society?

When I was younger, I always thought Black Friday sales were a bunch of hooey anyway - I'd rather sleep in if I had the day off, but I will admit to being out there at 5am in recent years to catch some deals at Kohl's, or Michaels.  They do have some great deals, but things are just getting out of hand now.

I read an article the other day about a guy who works for Target, who started a petition because he has to go into work at 10pm Thursday night, to be there when the store opens at midnight.  Some of the comments following the article really struck a nerve with me. 

I get that the economy sucks, despite what "the officials" say, trust me, I live it.  Paycheck to paycheck (or less), and luckily (one of the things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving) is that both my husband and I are both employed.  But to belittle this guy and begrudge him for wanting the day off to spend with his fiance making plans for their upcoming wedding with her family just seems downright awful.

Thanksgiving is SUPPOSED to be about spending time with family and friends, enjoying each other's company, and making memories.  Life has us all so busy during the REST of the year, the holidays are the only time some have to be together, and now THAT is being taken away, because we have to buy a big screen TV for $ that's where our priorities are, huh?  I think it's pretty disgraceful.

Ok, yeah, so you don't have family, and you want to score a great deal on a laptop - but the guy selling it to you had to miss dinner with his family the day before so he could get a few hours of sleep before he had to be in to work by 11pm, to be treated nasty by the people clawing over eachother to get the last one....

At this rate, why don't we forget about Thanksgiving, and just call it the National Day of Scoring a Good Deal on Useless Crap.

I don't begrudge anyone a good deal, to make their budget stretch further (I've been eyeing the sales) but I am TRULY bothered by the stores who are open ON Thanksgiving, or those that are opening on or just before midnight, because "Polls show that people would like to go out shopping after Thanksgiving dinner".  PLEASE.  Stay home, watch some movies, eat another piece of pie, and get some sleep to start shopping at 5 am. 

To those that still truly VALUE the holiday tomorrow, and what it means, I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING... I will be the one on the couch with a piece of pie, watching movies... and maybe I'll head out to the stores early Friday, to pick over what the vultures have left all the rest...enjoy Black Thursday, or Happy National Day of Scoring a Great Deal on Useless Crap!

November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yep.  For real.  TWO posts in one week!  Ha ha ha ha.

My Dad's birthday was October 30th.  For those that didn't know, here in the Northeast we got WALLOPED with an early Winter storm on October 29th, complete with 18 inches of snow, and no electricity for 5 days.  We dug out to get out and wish Dad a Happy Birthday, and it was an ADVENTURE to say the least!!

My parents were at my brother's house, my brother had gone and 'rescued' them earlier in the day.  Just trying to get to my brother's house, which is usually a 5 minute drive (IF I get stuck at the light) took us 20+, because we had to go around the long way due to downed trees.  We finally got to his neighborhood, and had to re-route a few times there, as there were 2 telephone poles that the tops were snapped off and were hanging in the middle of the road by the power lines (EEK!)

ANYWAY -- we FINALLY got to my brother's house, and got to sing Happy Birthday to my Dad :).

Here's his card:
I took the photo with my phone, as it was very last  minute.  The '65' is actually a 'ribbon' that's tucked behind the 'Ad Sense' die cut and sentiment.  I put a basic grey magnet on it, and 'pinned' it to his shirt.

I took a piece of kraft CS and ran it through my Cuttlebug with the woodgrain impression plate from Papertrey, and then rubbed my Dark Chocolate ink pad all over it, to bring out the embossing.

And there you have it...Happy Birthday Dad!  Wishing you many more :)

All supplies Papertrey Ink unless otherwise noted
Stamps: Ad Sense
Ink: Aqua Mist, Pure Poppy, Summer Sunrise, Dark Chocolate
Paper: Kraft, Pure Poppy, Hawaiian Shores, Summer Sunrise
Accessories: Delightful Doilies Dies, Limitless Layers 1.75" dies, By the Numbers dies, Woodgrain impression plate, Hawaiian Shores ribbon, basic grey magnet

November 12, 2011

Don't FAINT! Thank Shoe Very Much!

I know, I know -- it's been a LONG time, thought I'd blow the dust off, and write a new post!

Life has been so busy it seems lately, and to say I haven't been all that creative is an understatement.  It seems as though a majority of my craftiness has taken a looooooong vacation, and I'm hoping it's coming back soon!

I was going through some photos, putting together a few photo books on Snapfish, and I came across this cute little project I did back in the Spring, and thought I'd share it with you all.

In our town, since I was very very little, we had this Mom & Pop shoe store, called Marshall's.  There was a corner in the back with toys for the kids to play with and "Mr. & Mrs. Marshall" were always there to greet you with a smile.  Mr. Marshall measured your feet (yes, really, even in 2011!) and it was just a real FAMILY place.

My Mom always brought us there as kids to get shoes for school each year, and she has continued to take all of her grandchildren there each year, too.  In April, much to my dismay, I saw this:

I couldnt' BELIEVE my eyes.  While I'm so glad that they will be moving on to the next chapter of their lives, I was just so sad to see the end of an era here in our little town.  So, I decided I would need to take my girls for one last pair of shoes, one last time in the toy corner, one last balloon on the way out of the store.

I found this AWESOME digi image (and now it has been SO long since I made this, I can't remember where I found it -- so if you know, please tell me, so I can give proper credit!) and decided to make a little thank you gift for our favorite shoe people :).

I even nabbed their logo from my photo of the closing sign, and added it to the sign post on the house. The image was colored with my Copics.  I made the sentiment in Photoshop Elements, and then die cut it using Papertrey's Mat Stack 4 die.  I wrote a little note on the back, thanking them for all the great memories, and wished them well on their new adventure.

The girls got their last pair of shoes, their last balloon, and their last time in the toy corner at Marshall's - and Mr. & Mrs. Marshall were touched by our gift, and shared with us that they had no idea how much they touched the community, until they put up those signs.

Be sure to thank those small shop owners for what they bring to you and your community, you never know when they might be gone.  Thanks for stopping by!