December 14, 2010

You know...

I never quite realized just how big my kitchen floor was...until we recently painted our kitchen, and I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the entire thing with a handy-dandy scrub brush.  I have one of those Hoover hard floor cleaners...well, let me tell you -- those things apparently DON'T work very well.  When I saw all of the dirt and nastiness that I got off of my floor by scrubbing, eeeeek.  I was embarrassed that I've been using that thing for so long!!!

Anyway -- I'm quite happy with how the kitchen turned out.  We've been talking about painting it for over 2 years, and we FINALLY did it.  When we first started talking about painting, I had bought new bulbs and shades for my chandelier in the dining area, and I said "That way when we paint, it will look fresh and new".  Well, one by one the bulbs started to blow, and I kept saying "Nope, not going to change them until we paint - then I'll change them all at once" mid-November, we were down to 2 was getting hard to see dinner, lol.

We had volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner, so between that and the nearly non-existent light to eat by, we decided to FINALLY paint.

Here it is, all finished, and looking pretty :)

This is the dining area end:

and the kitchen end:

Now, I'm most excited about this -- I have plate covers on all of my know that saying "the shoe makers children have no shoes"?  Well, my hubby is an electrician, and since we had been talking about painting the kitchen (following a Family room addition onto our house, that partly involved the kitchen), he never put plate covers on all of our switches in the kitchen...SOOOO, now the room is complete, and looks so nice!  Check out these fancy schmancy switches:

Since we had a little more than 2 years to prepare for this momentous occasion, hubby sprang for these super duper programmable dimmers, buying them here and there, until we had enough switches for the kitchen. (about 8 or 9 all together)

Thanks for taking a tour of my home improvement project with me!! :)

Hope all is well with you all -- have you got your Christmas shopping done yet???  I'm about 90% there, YEAH!!! :)

December 1, 2010

It's a WRAP!

Happy December!!!

Today, the My Time Made Easy team is sharing a GREAT new template that is available for purchase RIGHT NOW over at My Time Made Easy, called Wonderfully Wrapped.  Let me tell you -- this is a FUN template.  It's SUPER easy to put together -- with a more sophisticated look.

Here's mine:
I was feeling a bit nostalgic, as today is my last post with the team at MTME.  Those of you that follow me, have noticed I haven't been around much.  In fact, my last post was the last MTME release!  I think I need to take a step back for a while, focus on my family, and my home...and you never know, you may just see me pop back up out of nowhere...but for now, this is what I need to do.

BUT -- back to my nostalgia ;).  I decided to go back to the VERY FIRST digital papers offered last year, the "12 Days of Snowflakes", and as usual, I felt the need to tweak the colors, because I've had this pretty ribbon FOR-EV-ER, and never had a good paper that matched it, that's the beauty of digital paper, and a little photoshop know-how.  Here's the side view:
I kept it very simple, creating a large ornament out of some silver glitter paper using my Marvy Mega Circle punch, and hand cutting the ornament 'topper'.  I used the frame and a sentiment from So Sentimental, and affixed it to the front. Done!

Simple, elegant, EASY, just the way it should be.

I'd like to take a quick moment to thank my fellow teammates for all of their support, laughs, and shared late nights over the last year... they are ALL an amazing group of women, and I'm BLESSED that our lives have crossed.

I'd really like to thank Lauren, for giving me this amazing opportunity.  She is such a delight to work with, and her creativity inspires me daily.  I love to see her business grow and flourish, she deserves it.

And of course, I'd like to thank ALL OF YOU...for stopping by, and leaving a word or two, or for just stopping by, and perhaps sharing a smile :O).

I wish you all the happiest of holidays, may they bring you joy that lasts all the new year through!!

Now, hop on to the rest of the team's blogs, they've ALL got something marvelous to share with you today!!