September 24, 2015

And Then This Happened... A Photo Journey...

So, it's been a crazy ride since 2015 began.  My mom passed away in January, somewhat unexpectly, and it seems everyone I know has had something major happen to them this year.  I often remind myself that while I don't understand it, there's a plan at work here that is bigger than me.  I've learned this year that some things just aren't worth getting worked up over.  I've learned that there are things I would like to change, and am working on it.  You grow from every experience, right?

Well, sometimes you just have a day where you have so many hopes and plans, and then.....

So I started out the day like this:

Who here doesn't love coffee???  Alright, I suppose there are some of you out there, but this is how I need to start my day.  Then I went out to my desk, and it looked like this:

Yeah.  Keepin' it real.  An absolute  disaster area!  So I began to clean it up and this happened:

My little one wound up with a fever, and needed some ever important cuddles... Then this happened:

This, is Zana - also known as Zany Zana.  She is our puppy!  We have had her a little over 3 weeks now.  But yes, if you've ever had a puppy, you know that they often require more attention than a newborn!  She's a great pup, but often takes me off task....a lot!  

It was.  I was unexpectedly home in the middle of the week with my baby and my puppy, a beautiful, sunshiney day (and now I have "Sunshine Day" by The Brady Bunch in my head.... You're welcome ;) ) and then this happened:

Technology is awesome, isn't it?  The ability to be practically anywhere with the WHOLE WORLD at your fingertips... But yeah, this also means, the ability to complete work from home...sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes, not so much.  So, I got some work done, and this happened: 

yes, again.  Not only do I love coffee, it helps me power through the day sometimes.  By now, my older daughter is off the bus, the dog needs to go for a walk and the off to the vet.  Dinner has to be cooked, older daughter to taekwondo, and then this happened: 

It was a beautiful evening in our little town.  My phone could not capture the beauty of the landscape and the moon that night, but I tried anyway :).  We headed home, my desk still looked like this:

So then, this happened:

Decaf this time though...I can't do all nighters anymore, after my kids, my husband and my coffee, I love my sleep ;).  Read to the girls, got them tucked in, looked around, THOUGHT about cleaning the desk, and instead, THIS happened:

Nothing like a big fat pile of Laundry to fold at 9:30!  But hey, I've got clean clothes to wear, right?  Yeah, it didn't work when I said it to myself either.  When I finished the laundry, I had decided that it was time for this to happen: 

OH. YES. IT. DID.  And it was glorious.  Truly truly glorious....And now it was late, and I was tired, and my desk was still a mess, but you know what?!?!  This happened:

It's a week later, my desk is STILL a mess, but my girls are healthy, the puppy is still crazy (and I love it).  The ice cream is gone (thanks to all of us) but I'm still smiling.  I hope you do, too!

All quote cards and the  coffee mug used in this post came from Just Dandy Studio - be sure to check out all of the fabulous goodies Melissa has to share with you!

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