September 7, 2009


so, my PC died. AGAIN.

At least this time almost ALL of what was on there is backed up.

There was some stuff that was not, but I should be able to get it off of my memory cards.

I was going to do a post today -- but haven't gotten to download photos onto the laptop yet, and the kids aren't being too cooperative. Even if Daddy is right in the same room, somehow Mommy does it better...LOL

Hoping that later today, I'll have something for you to look at ;)

On a positive note -- Veronica is working on my new blog design...I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Hoping everyone is enjoying the day...

thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

BethH said...

Well, poopers on the PCers.....hope you get it fixed up and running full speed ahead!!! And, those kids...want some of my velcro so you can velcro them to the ceiling! Hehehehe!