September 7, 2010

First Day of School - Made Easy!

Here in NY, it's back to school time.  In fact, today is my daughter's first day back.  I started last year, getting her a little 'something' to start off the school year.  A treat just for to most it may not be a big deal, but she loves all sorts of yummy smelling goodies, so I got her a thing or two to take to school, and some for use at home...see how I packaged them up to mark this special day.

The Shop Around Pretty Packaging Template from My Time Made Easy made this a perfect gift to give to my daughter tomorrow...don't you think??  I love how this ' house' or 'shop' can really be so many different things!  
I decided, as you can see, to make this into a little school house.  Now -- I had a last minute idea...SO last minute, in fact, that it's not in the peek photo that I sent Lauren -- can anyone guess???  THE FENCE!!!  I felt like the bottom was too dark and heavy, so I stamped the fence repeatedly, and cut it out.  I put the white side out though...  You'll notice in the peak up top, is the apple from the Well Preserved stamp set.  The digital paper is also from My Time Made Easy.  It is in the School Ruled Collection.  I used the paper with the printed writing, and started by removing the color in PSE.  Then I inverted the image, making the background black, and the writing gray.  I "replaced" the color - selecting the letters, and then made them a bit lighter so hey stood out more against the background....and TA-DAH!  a completely different look!  See how easy that was?? ;).  And I once again made use of those handy Construction Materials papers for the walls and the roof of my school house.

I really can't get over the possibilities... and this template can hold a GOOD amount of stuff too!!  As you can see here -- there's a FULL sized body gel (for home), a travel hand sanitizer with holder (for her backpack) and a lip balm (also for her bag)...the only thing that doesn't fit in the box is the book -- she loves Junie B. Jones, and what first grader, who is entering her first FULL day year, wouldn't love to have an essenshul (lol) guide to school??

Here's a card to go along with her package:

I repeated the paper and apples from the template, and added this GREAT sentiment from the On Display set.  

I think it's a pretty good way to start off the year, don't you?? ;)

Here's a quick pic of my little first grader from a little walk we took this weekend:

Thanks SO much for stopping by!!!


Riet said...

This is so beautiful Tracey.

Hugs Riet.xx

scrappingnana said...

This is awesome. I bet your litte one will love it. I have granddaughters that are 7 and they love the lip gloss, and all things girly also. TFS

Pam W. said...

Oh my goodness. This is so cute! And I'm sure that little Miss S was excited to receive it.

Tammy Hershberger said...

Oh Tracey, this little schoolhouse is ADORABLE! I'll bet your daughter just LOVED it!

Stephanie Kraft said...

This is darling, Tracey! Love the school-theme.. and all the sweet goodies for your DD!

Barb said...

How adorable!! (The little schoolhouse and Shannon!!!). I bet she LOVED it!!! Hope she had a super first day of 1st grade!!!

Isabel said...

I love this work,
hugs, isabel

Anne said...

Great project! Happy First Grade!