September 10, 2009


Hey all~

I have some things I need to blog, but I guess I'm in a funk of some sort. My big girl started Kindergarten this week, and I guess I've been spending a lot of my energy (physical AND emotional) on that.

I don't have any eye candy for you this morning -- but just wanted to remind you that today is Thursday -- it's another Dustin Pike Release! It doesn't look like the images are up just yet, but his freebie is there from yesterday -- so be sure to get will work well with today's release *hint hint* :).

ALSO -- don't forget to play along with Lauren's Sketch!! Have you SEEN the new template that she's releasing at PTI this month?? All I can say is I LOOOOOOVE IT!!! (In my best Wheezie from Dragon Tales voice)

I hope to be back in top running condition soon...just a few hurdles to get over...

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Heather said...

Tracey, I'm in the exact same boat, except Annabelle's kindergarten started 3 weeks ago. I'm just now starting to recover from the emotional toll it took on me. Hang in there!!