September 5, 2008

Thanks Ghoulfriend!

Hey all -
Have you ever seen something in a store, and you think "WHY on Earth would I want that, or what would I do with that???" Yep - I fact, I did it not too long ago, when I saw the new Martha Stewart Halloween craft stuff. So I kept right on walking...little did I know that I would come to *need* one of those things...BADLY.

So, fast forward a few weeks, and I've got this idea for my nieces and nephews for Halloween...and I thought... "ACK! I should have gotten that punch!!!!" So, I head back to M's to find out that they were ALL gone...yep, not the pumpkin one, or the fence one, but the very dripping goo border punch that I now NEEDED was SOLD OUT.


But then...I had an epiphany...I'd put my PSFs on the job...what's a PSF?? Why, it's a Pretend Stamping Friend! The name given to us by Lauren's daughter Alexa :)

So, I got my girls on the job, and literally, the NEXT day - Sandy located one for me, and is sending it my way...I'm so excited...THANKS SANDY!!

Sooooooo...this post isn't without purpose. I did make Sandy a card to thank her...since she got me a Halloween punch, I made her a "Halloweenish" (my word) thank you card...

The 'Thanks a Million' part of the sentiment is from MFTs "Essential Sentiments" and the 'Ghoulfriend' is from "Totally Witchin". (I used my marker to ink up the 'Ghoulfriend' I like how it came out a little blurry, kind of 'ghoulish', right?)

The flower is the newest colors of bridal confetti from M's (the leaves on the stem are a green one cut apart) The stem of the flower is actually the hoe handle from the "Can you Dig It?" set. Instead of a butterfly or a bee, I decided to add a bat flying around...he's actually ribbon I got from M's as well...they had bats and pumpkins...kind of fun...

Well - thanks again Sandy - I truly appreciate it!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Rachel said...

oh, this is cute! Thanks so much for the tube info. really appreciate it.

Teresa said...

Very cute card - love the Halloweenish look to it! I saw those flowers at M's and passed them up - now I may have to go back and get them!

Molly B said...

Seriously!?! They have colored bridal confetti now? I have been under my log too long. I love this card! That bat is adorable. Have a great weekend. -Molly B

mcbetty said...

Great batty idea with the bat and ghoulfriend!
Sandy will love this card

Pam Wilson said...

Oh no - now there is colored bridal confetti flowers?! Way cute!

Yep - you can certainly count on the PSF's when you need something. I'm sure it has nothing to do with us LOVING to shop and will use any excuse to do so. haha.

The card is adorable and so clever. Sandy is going to love it!

SandyT said...

You are so welcome! The card is sooo cute IRL! I DO love it!

Thanks Tracey!!!