November 3, 2008



So Saturday I got some pictures all ready, and I was going to get a fun post together with a card I made for a Christmas card swap with some friends on SCS and KAPLOOEY. Computer got messed up. *sigh* Not sure what the deal is, but it won't boot up. So, I spent the rest of the weekend without being able to communicate via internet. So weird how used to things you are, you know? I saw something on TV, and I said - oh, I'll go check that, nope. Can't.

I'm at work - so obviously can't spend the whole day blogging away (though I'd LOVE to!)

I just wanted to pop in and say hi - and I hope that the computer guy can at least retrieve all of my picture and music's to hoping!

Have a great day - thanks for stopping by!!


Molly B said...

Tracey that stinks! I hate it when my computer revolts against me. Technology is great until it isnt,ha? I hope you are able to get your photos back. -Molly B

Sandy Thelen said...

Hurry back....we miss you!