July 20, 2009

a new feature, and OOPS!!!

Hey all~

Hoping everyone had a great weekend. I know I did!

Well -- if you look around, you'll notice I'm back to a plain old blogger background. I went ahead and added the 'Reactions' feature at the bottom of my posts, and in doing that, I messed up all of the settings on my last blog LO. I had already tweaked a bunch of the html in there little by little that I couldn't figure out what I did...so I reverted to this template...and I contacted a professional :). I'm on the list to have my blog revamped...and I'm excited. It may be a while, but it's allllll gooood.

Well - I'm off to stampland - the kiddos went to bed without argument, and hubby isn't home from practice yet... woo hoo guilt free stamp time!!! tell me what you think about my the 'reactions' feature...like it, love it, or eh- it's alright ;)

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