December 8, 2008

De-stressing to ENJOY the holiday season...

Well, I did it.

Though I've always taken pride in sending out handmade Christmas cards...I just knew that this year, it WASN'T going to happen.

So - I've ordered some photo cards of my girls, and that will be that. One less thing to stress about, so I can focus on the gifts that I want to make for some special people. Time is limited, with most of the focus on my family - then work - so stamping, well, though it is my creative outlet, it often takes a back seat to cuddle time with my girls :).

The tree is set up - the house is in good shape, and shopping is just about there. I'm determined to ENJOY the REASON for the season, and soak in all of the happiness and joy.

One of my favorite people made a suggestion in a recent blog post to start a journal - write in the morning when you wake - no matter what it is - get it out - and start the day fresh. I think I might do this. My friend Paulette made me an AWESOME Gratitude journal last year, and it's so pretty, I haven't actually USED I'm going to break that baby out, and get writing...may be a little bit easier than trying Yoga with the girls jumping on me *wink*

*sigh* I feel happier already...

How about you? What are you doing this year to ensure that you can enjoy the upcoming holidays, no matter what you celebrate?????


Molly B said...

What am I doing to make sure I enjoy the holidays??? I started drinking!!!! Ok only a little but seriously, there is a lot of stress this time of year. I hope the journaling helps. Let me know. -Molly B

plwwolfe said...

I agree with Molly - start hittin' the sauce!

So, I haven't visited your blog in a while, so in an effort to avoid work, thought I'd stop by.

Break out that journal!

Also, exercise helps me de-stress. Just a short walk or anything to get your blood pumping. Let the enorphins kick in and you'll feel better in no time!