December 16, 2008

Tagged...and a Christmas Gift

Holly tagged me today with this great award

Thanks so much Holly! I think you are super creative too! :)

I'm going to pass it along to some more great bloggers out there:

Melissa at Pink Cat Studio
Cindy (Mothermark)
Dawn McVey
Rebecca Grohall

Be sure to check them out though I'm sure you probably know of them already...Super creative ladies here!!

Onto a little project. Here's a card I made for a co-worker.

Today was our annual holiday party in the office. We had a DELICIOUS lunch. We do a little Kris Kringle gift exchange every year. So for my friend Sheryl, I got her a gift card from Bath & Body works.

So I put a little 'holder' on the inside cover of the card to hold the gift card. Worked out perfect.

Since the gift card had red writing on it, I wanted to incorporate that somehow, so I figured I'd bring it in in the sentiment on the front, and then use it inside as well.

This card uses all Stampin' Up! products, except the card base, which is PTI Select White, and the bling, which is from Doodlebug. The snowflakes are from the Winter mini, and are OH so delicious, aren't they??

I apologize for my was 2 am when I took these last night - and only today, after I had given it to it's recipient, did I realize they could have been a bit better...

I don't have too much shopping left to do for Christmas, but a few gifts still to make, and then lots and LOTS of wrapping...what about you? How is your holiday preparation going??

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


Molly B said...

Very nice! The red is an awesome addition to the card. Gives it nice pop! Thanks for the award also, you are so sweet. -Molly B

Melissa said...

What a lovely card! Thanks for the award!!

Laura S said...

So very pretty.

Mothermark said...

Okay, so I am a little slow! Snort! Thank you so much for my award! I woulda been here earlier but I had to write an acceptance speech and darned if I didn't leave it on the roof of my car as I was driving to work and now probably the neighbors dog ate it!

How nice of you to think of me! I have not posted any awards on my blog yet! I need to get with this blogging business big time!

Thank you so much girlfriend!