December 29, 2008


Wow - what a busy week it's been!!! We're on gift OVERLOAD here - sooo many things - we're truly blessed, and thankful for everything, but WOW - where will I put it all?!?!?! :)

I wanted to pop in and share a few things I made for 2 of my nephews and one of my nieces. Have you all seen Lauren Meader's Timeless Templates??? If you haven't, you really should check them out! There are 2 FREE templates on the PTI Website - and lots and lots of ideas on Lauren's blog - plus there are lots of great ideas in the brochures that come with the don't be shy - go on and TRY them!!

So - on to my projects...for my two oldest nephews, they are kind of hard to buy for, so I like to get them something I know they can use. The oldest just LOVES his iPod, and goes nowhere without it...and the younger one got an iPod this year from my Mom & I got them both iTunes cards. trying to think of a nice way to package them, and then I thought of music...figured Lauren's Music Makeover template would be perfect! The iTunes cards came in a folder, larger than the usual gift card folders, and it fit great inside the box. These two were made using the Twinkle Twinkle series of papers from Piggy Tales. I cut the guitars out from one of the large print papers, and mounted it on a glitter star cut with my Star Nestabilities. The flap is tucked behind the star, helping to hold it closed on the bottom, and the tops are held closed by the ribbon.

This other holder was made using Ba Ba Black Sheep paper from Piggy Tales (hmmm, do you think I like their papers?? ;0) ) I used a Gingerbread Man image from A Chemistry With Paper, since the gift card inside had a gingerbread man on it...thought it would be cute to make it match.

Back to my early start to my New Year's Resolution...getting my house in order. I'm off all this week with my girls - so I'm taking the time to be with them, but also to get things straightened out here - too much stuff, and no place to put it...can we say PURGE??? That's where I'm at. Already making lots of progress, but can't WAIT for the cardboard pickup on Wednesday!!

Hope you all have a terrific day - thanks for stopping by!!!

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Molly B said...

Super cool! Hope your nephews liked them. I'm trying to make my way through piles of Christmas toys. Mountains of cardboard everywhere. Have a Happy New Year. -Molly B